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DNS Domain Name Stealing

DNS Defined

A funny thing happened on the way to getting the Two Minute Tickers domain name registered. We were almost beaten to our own domain name. As most of us know, even if we don’t actually understand it, DNS is an acronym that stands for Domain Name System. We here at two minutes also came to realize that it stands for “Domain Name Stealing” or “Domain Name Selling”. Here is how our particular situation unfolded.

We made the decision to start posting news content before deciding on a final name for the brand. We published as a blog with the two minute moniker and did NOT purchase our domain name at that time. We were too busy working out a reliable way to update multiple news feeds daily among other things to really worry to much about what the final name for the site would be.

That was a big mistake. You see, we grew to like our domain name. When it came time to sit down and come up with a relevant and purposeful name for our news website everyone agreed that the name we had was in fact the best choice after all. Anybody who has had to sit down in front of a computer monitor for hours on end trying to search out an available domain name will tell you; if you have a name already chosen go for that one first.
What nobody tells you is that your name is already gone. Taken.

It seems there has been a rise in the number of domain name reseller websites on the net as of late. Here is how a few of them operate.


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