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Revision Rhinoplasty Cost – How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

A person who has undergone rhinoplasty may sometimes suffer from scarring or some nasal irregularity. He or she may wish to consider undergoing revision rhinoplasty to rectify the problem.

Most surgeons will offer their patients, at no extra cost, the opportunity to correct imperfections that were not adequately corrected, or resulted from the original rhinoplasty. If the revision is a minor undertaking, it can be easily performed at the doctor’s office with local anesthetic.

However, if you are seeking a complete “re-do” by another surgeon, the cost can range from $6,000 to $25,000. The cost of revision rhinoplasty can vary significantly depending on what needs to be done to correct the problems with the nose. With major structural deformities, cartilage grafts are required to rebuild the nasal framework. Septal cartilage, while the preferred source of cartilage grafts, would usually have been depleted during the first operation. The surgeon performing the revision procedure then has to “borrow” cartilage from another part of the body – such as the ear or rib. This increases the operative time and cost.

The nose is a distinctive feature on your face. It is natural that you would be anxious to undergo revision nose surgery to quickly correct any problems of your nose after the first rhinoplasty.

However, before you make arrangements to undergo revision rhinoplasty, be sure to first consider the following factors:

1) Be Sure That Your Nose Has Completely Healed From The First Rhinoplasty

Your nose would typically require up to a full year to recover fully from a prior nose surgery, especially the nose tip. This region is the most cosmetically sensitive and the last to completely heal. Undergoing revision rhinoplasty too soon could potentially cause more problems. If you are looking to making changes to the tip of your nose, wait a full year before considering revision surgery.

2) Set Your Expectations Within The Limits Of Cosmetic Surgery

Be aware that both rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty can only modify the nose you already have. Surgery cannot give you a completely new nose. Ask friends and family for an honest opinion about what they think of your new nose. If the majority of them tell you that your nose looks better after your original rhinoplasty procedure, chances are that you are just not used to your new nose yet. Only when they tell you that your new nose looks odd, or if you have problems breathing should you seriously consider revision nose surgery.

3) Be Prepared To Give Yourself Even More Time To Recover From Revision Surgery

If you have decided to give your nose a major “redo”, be aware that revision surgeries generally take longer than the previous surgery to heal. Factors that impact the length of revision rhinoplasty recovery include the amount of grafts used during the surgery and the amount of work done. In general, revision surgery to redo the nose takes about one year to heal.

4) Have You Considered Non-Surgical Revision Rhinoplasty?

There are non-surgical options to touch up your nose after rhinoplasty. If you do not suffer from any breathing or structural problems after your original procedure, you may want to consider getting a specialist to inject fillers into the problem area if you are just looking to further improve the appearance or shape of your nose. This option is less invasive, and definitely less costly.

Just like any surgical procedure, revision nose surgery can be both costly and risky. To find more information regarding rhinoplasty in Iran stop by our internet site.
Be sure to have realistic expectations, and do your research carefully before deciding if a revision procedure is necessary.

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